Thursday, July 10, 2008

Where is Owen ?

As you have read before our son Owen is the trouble maker. He's not bad , he is just your typical 18 month old BOY. He's slippery! He can get away from you faster than ... well I don't know what but you get the point.
So, here I sit feeding the baby again. Owen has picked up on this being the best time to commit mayhem. OK call out the search party, and lets get find him. Always start in the bathroom, it is his favorite room in the house. Good motivation to keep the toilet clean! Anyway, there he is sitting in the middle of the bathroom floor with Brent's $20 jar of hair gel. What a way to find our he can unscrew lids. The biggest smile on his face and a bright blue head. The stuff is bright blue before you rub it in and you are only supposed to use a tiny bit . Not Owen, he used the whole jar, and was happily rubbing it all over his head saying " Piddy!!!". Owen speak for "pretty".
It took 5 shampoos before the water stopped beading up and rolling off. Yuck! Needless to say we will buy the bargain shelf gel from now on.


Kelly Spezzano said...

How does Brent feel about the bargain stuff?

Jim doesn't have to worry about this problem! :)

misslissa78 said...

Ummm he doesn't know it yet:-) I will break it to him gently!