Friday, September 26, 2008

Swimming Lessons

This week has been extremely busy for everyone in the Wilkinson/Franklin/Ellerman household. As most of you know , Troy, our working partner had a heart episode last Friday on the job. He is doing well , resting at home , but that means a lot more work to go around. Oh yeah , bonus, Mom and Dad left for an association in Georgia and after that North Carolina , so we have been shorthanded this week big time. Poor Brent is totally exhausted , thank God , Jimmy could help out with our biggest property this morning !

While Brent has been running around in circles , I have been taking Connor to swimming lessons. We had a horrible time getting ready for his first lesson Tuesday morning. He had every excuse in the book for why he didn't need or want to go . Finally it came down to " It's not your choice , you ARE going , and don't you dare embarrass me." So, down the road we went ( with a serious case of the pooch mouth ) , I left Owen with Gran Gran ( Sister Bobbie) for the first lesson. I could just see myself in uncharted territory holding Noah and trying to make sure Owen didn't end up in the pool with all of his clothes on. No thank you ! So in we walked ( after threatening him within an inch of his life) to Ms. Karen's pool area, and it was like a light went on. He LOVES it! I'm soooooooo glad , for those of you who have kids this age you know that sometimes it can go either way. Now he tells everyone he sees about his magic toes and airplane arms that help him float. Confidence booster , BIG TIME! Now he wants to do everything he has liked but been afraid to try. Which reminds me , I have to look up golf lessons for a 4 years old :-D Who knows ... maybe we have the next Michael Phelps or Tiger Woods! Either way...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Where is Owen ?! Again....

Do you as Mothers ever feel like nothing is sacred? I know that we give up "self" to become wives and mothers , but I'm talking about personal things. Every single day if Owen Spencer Franklin is alive , and awake , he will climb whatever he can to get to my makeup bag. This , for some reason , is the only thing that I can punish time and again over and it does NO good. I'm not sure what the attraction is , but he is willing to take whatever I have to dish out for one minute alone with the precious bag of unspeakable goodies! Well, this past week , Mom and I ( more Mom than I because of someone... Owen aka beast aka eyelash curler bandit) were deep cleaning the house. There I was happily dusting away ,and it hit me... Where is he? PANIC! After looking in the first most obvious place , the kitchen ( food duh ! He has to keep up his 36 lbs girlish figure!) , nope not there, STINKER! I ran to bathroom , there he was , for untold , countless minutes he had been sitting in the bathroom floor with my makeup bag wide open. After seeing that he had been digging out every single square of eyeshadow that Bekah brought me this spring ,I had one of those moments. The kind of moment where you realize that nothing you do at that moment could possibly been sane. So , I wiped his hands and face off , they were all shades of lovely shimmering colors, and sent him out to Grandmommy. UGH! Oh well , I guess at least this time he wasn't fully clothed in the bathtub , or greased up with hair gel or any of the other many things it has been before ! So this is a warning to all of you that will be seeing me in public anytime soon , it may not be pretty! Mom's also need at least 5 lbs of make up on before they leave the house to avoid looking like the walking dead:-D

P.S. Bakah , will you be with Urban Decay again this year ? If so, take a massive duffel bag with you:-D

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Silence is Golden

This morning as I was driving across town to pick Connor up from his Dad's house I realized one of the great blessings of living back at home with Mom and Dad... Mom offered to watch this little guys while I took my 45 minute jaunt across town ( they were both still sleeping - No fair!) . Ahhhhhh What is this strange phenomenon ?! Quiet?! You mean I get to listen to whatever I want , and BONUS I don't have to answer a thousand questions or try to quite Noah by singing " There's a hole in the bottom of the sea" ?! I must confess I drove slower than usual on the way there :-D

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Notes On A Scandal

I know that all of you reading my blog out there are aware of the "scandal" that surrounded Brent and I getting married. You know ... They were having an affair , or my personal least favorite , they got married so fast because she was pregnant. If anyone wishes to speculate on Brent and I , fine. You are entitled to be wrong, God knows, but lets get one thing perfectly clear. March 24th and January 18th do not equal illegitimate child. Owen was taken two weeks early ( January 4th) due to complications by c-section. He and I were in serious danger of hemorrhage due to low lying placenta. I realize that there are a myriad of differences in opinion about my divorce and remarriage , but let us all be comforted knowing the God knows the truth. Please if anyone feels the need to " talk" about what happened , fine, but lets leave Owen out of it. I have no wish to discuss or defend what happened 3 years ago , and I don't think that it is any longer appropriate conversation material. Whatever our differences may be , surely we can look past them for the sake of peace in the church. I'm sure everyone will agree that the church should be more worried about Satan than tending others gardens . Let us all take a long look at our own backyards:-D