Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Thought Connor Was The King?

As you all know , Connor's last name is King. Well , move over Connor, Owen has assumed the throne! He has been following me to the bathroom for weeks now saying" pee pee" and pulling at his diaper. So, I decided that we might just try and see if he would go on the little potty. Success! He has gone "pee pee" three times and I am just waiting to see " the look" to rush him to the potty. I am SO tired of poo! Not to mention , I hate to scare all you parents-to-be , but I spent $86 on diapers for both little boys this month. Let us all focus positive thoughts toward Owie and the " throne"!


Bekah said...

"What's he got in there?"

Hahahaha!! There, I'll start it with a new generation.

Kelly - Ask Lissa, she'll tell you the whole humiliating story.

misslissa78 said...

LOL I KNEW you were going to say that!! I'll fill Kelly in , too bad she isn't havigng a girl right?! Just kidding , my boys can show Joshie how to aim:-D

Kelly Spezzano said...

HaaaaaaHaaaaaa... When Spezzano girl and Owie start dating, I have a feeling this picture will resurface! $86.00 on diapers??? I think I am going to start potty training the day we get home from the hospital (to go along with the nursing till Joshua is 18) :0) Oh Mel, do call me tomorrow to fill me in on Bekah's comment!