Monday, March 30, 2009


We are big PBS fans in the Franklin/Wilkinson/Ellerman house , and I have decided that it is a double edged sword . On one hand it's educational and clean ( I don't consider SpongeBob Square Pants suitable for children... It's just wrong !) , but on the other ... Sid the Science Kid creeps me OUT , and if I have to hear the Dragontales into one more time I'm going to chew glass and end it all ! Anyhoo! All that to say , Owen LOVES Elmo ! What 2 year old doesn't right ?! Well , while Brent and I were on our anniversary weekend getaway ( WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!! more on that later ) My mom kept Noah , Brandon had Connor and Sharon ( Brent's mom) watched Owen. Of course , this meant they had to go get Owen a " happy" and they found **angelic singing** ELMO SHOES !! Better known as M-Elmo to Owen ;-)

I was told this morning that it didn't really matter what they cost ... after he saw them there was no question , he HAD to have them . Hey , everybody's got to have a Mimi ;-)! Anyway , he won't take them off without bawling and asking to " tarry" them around and I'm told that he was , in fact, allowed to sleep with them in his bed last night ... Ugh , back to reality Buddy , that's SO not happening here !

Here is another cute video of Owen going " bye bye" .

My Little Big Boy

Two weeks ago Noah turned 11 months old **sigh** . Not only is he going to be a year old on the 18th but on his 11 month b-day he decided TO HECK with crawling , thats what babies do ! He turned loose of the couch and never looked back and it's been a little more steady everyday since . So, since this obviously means that my child is totally brilliant ( don't you dare write in saying " my kid walked at 9 months " !! Your comment will be deleted . He IS brillant !) I thought that you would all enjoy seeing a little video . The quality isn't super great because I took it with the video mode on my camera .... MY husband didn't buy me a digital video camera for Christmas ( *coughthatmeansyouBRENTcough*) like someone else's husband did.
( *coughGregismakingyoulookbadBRENTcough*)

Friday, March 20, 2009

6 of 6

Kelly has tagged me to post the 6th picture on my computer and talk about it ... Soooooooo here we go !

This picture was taken Christmas day 2006 at Aunt Pasty and Uncle Jimmy's house. Jimmy had bouoght Connor all new cowboy " stuff" , guns , holsters and a ton of other stuff. Anyway , his girlfriend ( Jimmy's not Connor's !) Michelle had brought over her new saddle to show everyone , and Connor thought it was more stuff for him. So , while we all ate Christmas dinner and visited with all of our family , Connor was happily riding Michelles new saddle , killing all the bad guys and keeping the general peace at Chestnut Ranch that day :-) It was alot of fun and was Connor's very last holiday as an only child , I gave birth to Owen the next week . Lot's of sweet memories!