Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mommy ... I didn't mean to !

Last Friday I had one of those moments , you know the one I'm talking about if you have children. Do you remember Bill Cosby telling his kid " I brought you into this world and I can take you back OUT !!" ? Yeah , that's the moment ...

Friday afternoon after the kids took their nap we left to go pick up and check from Brent on one of his job sites , deposit it at the bank and beat it to Mulberry to make the car payment before 5pm . ( Insert Mission Impossible Theme Music ) While we were driving down Hwy 60 I remember thinking to myself , " Self , how nice is it that the kids are being quite and you aren't , for some strange reason , having to answer a thousand questions from Connor ?!" . Yeah , I will never take that kind of silence for granted again .

When we arrived home , having made it to the bank to make the car payment IN TIME , I jumped out of the car in a fairly good mood to get the kids out and send them in with their Happy Meals that I bought because they were SO good . Got Noah out , smiling as always , Owen unbuckled , just wanting the food as always and then came Connor... It took me a minute to realize when he jumped out that something was really wrong . Yeah , the HOT PINK ring around his mouth should have tipped me off sooner but I was still taking my crashing fall from cloud 9 :-) When I finally did grasp the fact that he looked like Bozo the clown , I also noticed that it was EVERYWHERE , and I mean everywhere. In his hair , all over his face , shirt , shorts , legs , socks and shoes . Uh oh , this is not good !
" Connor , what is all this ?!?!!?"
Him- " Uhhhh , Mommy , I love you , I'm really sorry and I didn't mean to !"

ME- " Connor , WHAT IS ALL THIS ?!?!?!!"

Him- " Um , you know that stuff you put all over me at the beach ?"

Ok , now you and I both know that sunscreen is NOT hot pink !

Me- " Connor , go in the house and get somewhere I cannot see you for a very LONG time , and take a shower while you are at it !"

Me talking to myself - " Ok , dont panic , maybe its not so bad and you can't kill him , thats illegal ! Just get in the back seat and see how bad the damage is ..."

Wow , that's all I'm saying . What in the world would posses a 5 year old little boy to take 3 tubes of lipstick , 2 lipliners and a whole bottle of sunscreen and mix them together for a lovely shade of sparkling hot pink ?!?! Yeah , I don't know either , but he did ! The leather seats , the windows , the carpet , and backs of the seats in front of him , hot pink.

Long story short , I didn't kill him , in spite of my better judgement. I think he was so terrified of what might happen to him by the time Mom and I got it all cleaned up ( yes it did all come out ! THANK GOD) that minimal punishment was needed . Besides , what is the appropriate punishment for something like that ?! Seriously , I really am at a lose !

The good news is , Sunscreen and Pine Sol make your car smell really good for a long time ...