Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Falling Down On The Job

I know that I have been falling down on the blogging job this week. My last post on the " Blues" has more than a little affected my will to blog or do just about anything else.Thankfully , I seem to have kicked the desire to cry at the drop of a hat ! Lets all join my family and friends( Kelly!) in a big Hallelujah!!!

Connor FINALLY came home yesterday! I thought the long weekend would never end, but he did have a good time with his Granny and Pa-paw. They went to the beach and the parks ,Brandon said they really did have wonderful time. I am thankful they were able to come ! After i picked him up we went to see Brent at the town home project he and my parents were working at. Mom was in her personal heaven , digging in the dirt and weeding plant beds. I missed that gene COMPLETELY! We are so thankful she and Daddy have been able to help us on this project, it was so out of control. Brent walks up to me when we got there and said" Man, your Mom is worth her weight in gold as far as those plant beds go! I don't know what I would have done if they couldn't both be helping us today". Connor looking very confused says " Grandmommy isn't gold! She isn't black either , but I really like people that have dark skin ! She is brown like me, not gold, but God says that we should like dark skinned people right?" OYE VEY!! " Yes , we like people with dark skin Connor and no Grandmommy is not gold , Daddy was just talking about something else. Do you know anyone with Gold skin?" Shouldn't have asked !!! ( Daniel is you are offended I'm sorry in advance!) " Yes Mama , Daniel has gold skin , its really pretty , but Aunt Bekah is kind of... white . Are they getting married? Can I be in their wedding? " If I'm lying I'm dying !!!

Today, I am at Mom and Dad's house spending some time with Aunt Devrun while she is still out of school. Connor is going on a date with Gran Gran later to see " Space Chimps" , so we have decided to watch " Pride and Prejudice" the A&E version. (SIGH) I love this movie, it is the greatest book ever written turned into one of the greatest movies of all time. I have to wait for Aunt Dev to be out of school to watch it because everyone else acts like they are having bamboo shoots shoved up their fingernails. So, we are happily drinking coffee and dreaming of the great wonders that live in Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy. ( bigger sigh) After the movie I plan on knocking Owen out and sleeping for as long as possible. Noah , has decided that he doesn't want to sleep all night right now. For the past two night I have ended up giving in after hours of trying to get him back to sleep and letting him on the bed with me. Last night, however, Brent got up at about 3 am and said " I'm awake Baby, you go to sleep and I take him in the living room with me for a while". It is possible that I have the BEST hubbie ever, and the cutest! Which brings me to my next funny! ( This is all starting to run together! Sorry for the lack of structure in this blog) Mom told me last night that Brent as a following at the job they were at yesterday! Two little girls that live there are totally smitten with him. How CUTE!!! I mean , I think that he is a hottie , but now he's that cool older guy that little teenie boppers are swooning over! Mom said she laughed all day, everytime he would walk by the pool they would say " Hiiiiiii". She said he wold just duck his head and throw his hand up in the air , how humiliating ! For some stange reason I feel unbelievably proud :-)


Kelly Spezzano said...

HALLELUJAH to kicking the blues! Even bigger HALLELUJAHS to negative pregnancy tests! ;)

Glad Connor had a good time with his relatives! I cannot imagine what goes through children's minds when they here adults use metaphors (ie- weight in gold)- that was funny what Connor's reaction was! I am sure Daniel is thick skinned and can handle it... even if he does have a 5 year old pressuring him to get married! :)

As for Pride and Prejudice, please don't shoot me when I say this, but I have niether read the book, nor seen the movie... I cannot imagine that I wouldn't like it, I just never got around to it... (Maybe if I have no more cable, I will be forced to watch movies that I have never taken time to watch) :)

Sorry to hear about Noah re-nigging on sleeping through the night... That was nice of Brent, though... and as I said on the phone, boy- teenage girls today sure have some nerves. (which would explain the increase in teen pregnancy) Ha Ha... Oh I forgot to watch the video at the end. I'll comment on that in a few!

misslissa78 said...

Even if it's true , I would never sdmit to something as horrible as never seeing/reading pride and prejudice!!! Don't worry , it can be fixed. I have the book and the movie, your place or mine?:-D

Bekah said...

Oh honey, I'm not just kind of white...I'm paper white, ghost white, White-Out white! I just crashed Daniel's coaching meeting with one of his staff and made him read what Connor said. He thought it was hilarious! I've been preparing him for Connor to say something about him being Chinese and if this is all he gets, then he's getting off easy.

Poor guy, he's really getting it from all angles now. An ex-coworker sent him a text message this morning asking if he was married yet. HAHAHAH!

I'm very happy that you're feeling better and I would looove to watch Pride and Prejudice. In fact, I might do it this weekend.

Kelly, I suppose we can forgive you for never reading the book or watching the movie. But you must remedy the situation ASAP!

Bekah said...

Also, I have to admit that I don't have much planned out in my head for the future wedding, but I do know three things. Miss Lissa is going to be my matron of honor, Uncle Steve is marrying us, and Connor is absolutely going to be in the wedding, either as a tiny groomsman or a ring bearer.

Maybe I should actually ask people before I start making demands...oops.

misslissa78 said...

Great ! Now I'm crying again, I've never been the honored one ! We would all be delighted to be in the wedding ... you might better give us a good heads up on the time or have it in ... FLORIDA, ok maybe not, but seriously thats a long way to take three kids. We should start saving now:-D

Bekah said...

Haha...don't worry, if I make you come out to CA to be in the wedding, I'll foot the bill to get you out here.

misslissa78 said...

you sweetie !!