Sunday, August 31, 2008

A smurf in the house

Fridays' are always crazy around our house, especially when I know that Connor is going to his dad's house for the weekend. We have to eat lunch and take our nap early so I can " try" to get it all together to head toward our meeting place in town. Ok , this Friday was going pretty well, it had not occurred to me yet that this was 5th weekend and Connor wasn't going until Saturday night , so I was busily getting the kids fed and ready for nap. As usual I sent Connor to the bathroom before he went to lay down while I changed the little boys diapers. Hmmm usually I get nervous when I don't hear Owen for a while , but he sure was in there for a while ! OK , little boys are down , I'll go check and see what is taking so long right... UGH ! I swing open the door and see the " deer in the headlights" look as he slammed his self against the bathroom wall. Then I see why, Brent's deodorant is twisted all the way out and oozing all over everything, GREAT!

Me- " Wow, look at that! I wonder who might have done something like that , it's sooo wasteful. It wasn't you was it?"

Connor-" Nope , I didn't do it , I promise!"

Me- " Well if you didn't do it I wonder who did? Did you see what happened?"

Connor- " Yes , I did. You see , a smurf came up out of that toilet , walked across the room and did it. I was so scared that I was just waiting for him to go away. You scared him Mom , thanks, I could have been in here for a while."

Me ( In true disbelief that Connor , the truthful one, has finally learned how to lie) - " Are you kidding me ?! Well what is that blue stuff on your hands ? It sure does smell good . Are you sure that it wasn't you?"

Connor- " Nope, that stuff is just smurf juice ."

Warning to all parents - Please check all of your toilets for smurfs ! Apparently there are millions of the little guys popping up out of bathrooms and committing mayhem everywhere. You deodorant is no longer safe!

The mind of a 4 year old ... enough said:-D


Kelly Spezzano said...

OH MY! I guess it's true what they say, you don't have to teach a child to lie! But what a way to use the imagination... I didn't even know kids today would know who the smurfs are.

You sure have your handsfull with Connor and Owen on the prowl! :)

Bekah said...

NO WAY!! That is quite the story he was able to come up with; complete with "I was in supreme danger for my life and I'm so happy you saved me, darling mother of mine!"

Daniel read it and got halfway through and said "So, did Connor do it???"

No silly, there are Smurfs in Aunt Gayle's toilet.

misslissa78 said...

I thought it was BRILLIANT for an " Off the cuff" lie! Yes , you can tune into Boomerang every morning at 8am and see our darling little smurfs.