Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Daddy's Home

Sunday morning is usually our only down day with Daddy. So , imagine my surprise during nap time on Saturday , in walks Daddy! Apparently it was raining so hard they could work past noon , but who cares why , Daddy was home at 1 o'clock! You would have thought someone had handed me a brick of gold. It was the perfect Saturday afternoon , all five Franklin's taking a rainy day nap and when the kids woke up... " Daddy!!!! " Dog pile in the middle of the bed , where they played for just about the rest of the afternoon until it was time for church. These really are the days . A lot of frustration can come from having three boys 4 years and under , but days like this make it all worth while! To see them love their Daddy and the joy on his face to hear the running feet down the hallway when the saw his truck in the driveway... I've truly never been more satisfied and thankful with my life then I am right now . A wonderful church life , good family and friends , healthy kids and bar none the best hubbie I could have ever asked for.

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Bekah said...

You have such an adorable and loving family. Seeing these pictures make me very thankful for the changes God has given you over the past few years...even if they were tough at the time, it was worth the pain a hundred times over. Seeing you now and hearing you talk about your family makes me happy to have my Miss Lissa back and incredibly jealous at the same time. :-P