Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Notes On A Scandal

I know that all of you reading my blog out there are aware of the "scandal" that surrounded Brent and I getting married. You know ... They were having an affair , or my personal least favorite , they got married so fast because she was pregnant. If anyone wishes to speculate on Brent and I , fine. You are entitled to be wrong, God knows, but lets get one thing perfectly clear. March 24th and January 18th do not equal illegitimate child. Owen was taken two weeks early ( January 4th) due to complications by c-section. He and I were in serious danger of hemorrhage due to low lying placenta. I realize that there are a myriad of differences in opinion about my divorce and remarriage , but let us all be comforted knowing the God knows the truth. Please if anyone feels the need to " talk" about what happened , fine, but lets leave Owen out of it. I have no wish to discuss or defend what happened 3 years ago , and I don't think that it is any longer appropriate conversation material. Whatever our differences may be , surely we can look past them for the sake of peace in the church. I'm sure everyone will agree that the church should be more worried about Satan than tending others gardens . Let us all take a long look at our own backyards:-D


Kelly Spezzano said...

Mel- I am so sorry that these things haven't been put to rest and that ya'll are still having to deal with it on a daily basis. Like you said, the Lord knows the truth, and that is all that matters! I know Owie is too young to understand what is being said right now, so my prayer is that it will all just go away before he is old enough to hear the mean things people are saying!

Love Ya!

Bekah said...

Hear, Hear Kelly! And for Connor's sake as well since he has proven to us time and again that he is an exceptionally bright and perceptive boy for his age. Unnecessary and untrue gossip about his parents and siblings is unfortunate and damaging to the family and the church family.