Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Michael Phelps ... Who ?

As all of you know Connor is taking swimming lessons and is LOVING them! Not only is he loving them , but is quite gifted Ms. Karen , the instructor , says. ( He must be my child :-D ... Oh wait , I can't swim at all...) He is taking a specialized swimming course called ISR or Infant Swimming Resource. We had heard on the news and from a few fiends about this " Drown Proofing" that you could take your kids to from infancy , but I never gave it much thought. Come on , they really teach babies how not to drown ? Well, am I glad we decided to try it ! Karen is AWESOME!!! There are ISR instructors all over the country , so if you have a child6 months to 6 years , sign them up! Now , after seeing it with my own two eyes, I think it should be a law especially if you live near alot of water like we do. Anyway , enough with that soap box! On with the pictures ... You will see Connor , Ms. Karen and those Magic Toes and Airplane arms I told you about! Oh yeah , and Owen and Noah... We wouldn't want to leave them out just because they aren't swimming yet :-D

Swimming with his new " Free Style" arms

Airplane Arms and Magic Toes .... Look I can Float!!!

This is Karen touching him on the back of neck to help remind him to flip over on his back and get his air. They focus alot on survival skills like this for the majority of the time . So, they learn not to panic because they know how to " Float".

Lets not forget how cute Noah is :-)

And Owen !!!

We had some serious arm and leg action going on today !

He is so proud that he can swim now and Karen says he really has caught on quick for his age . when she opens back up in April we will be starting Owen and Noah with her. Not knowing how to swim well ,myself, I am so thankful for this program and for people like Karen Wilson who dedicate their life to saving other lives ! Especially our Babies !!


Kelly Spezzano said...

I am so proud of Connor! Maybe after he's certified he can teach Aunt Kelly and Joshua to swim! :)

Bekah said...

Yay Connor!! He can swim better than me already! He's such a big boy now...when did that happen?

misslissa78 said...

I don't know but is is UBER depressing!