Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's Rainin.... Baby Stuff ! HALLELUJAH !!!

Tuesday night we " Salem Chicks" threw a shower for our Kelly. Much planning ( and lying... more on that later) went down to get everything just right for our dear friend . I must say , it went off without a hitch and I think everyone had a blast. Well, I had a blast :-) So here are some pictures and I will comment as we go along... I promise I will get to the lie before it's all over!

The cake turned out better than I could have hoped for ! If you live in the Tampa, Lakeland, and Orlando area ... Karen is your gal for cakes! She used to work for Disney and WOW!!! Bonus , it's REALLY yummy!

Thanks to my sweetie pie hubby , I only had one baby to worry about for the evening!

Noah got in some rug time with Aunt Kelly before everyone arrived!

Abby Johnson and Noah

We were so thankful and blessed that Kelly's family could make it to the shower ! A special thanks to Sister Beverly, Kimberly , Brooke , Lindsey , Kerry , Abby and Brady for making the effort to come out and party with us !

Brady Johnson and Noah :-)

Noah and Lindsey Kickin it on the floor while Aunt Kelly opened presents!

OK , I'm not going to post EVERY picture of EVERYTHING she got , but she got some great stuff! Absolutely one of the cutest moments of the evening was when Kelly opened the diaper bag/ Backpack. Brady looks at Aunt Kelly real funny and says " Is that for Jos-u-a when he goes to school ?" SO CUTE !

The turtle hat was priceless ! It also came with a matching set of pj's!

We even had Lindsey model it for us :-D

Mommy even got some gifts for her . I HATED wearing the hospital gown when people came to see me and the boys ! My Mom always bought me some new PJ's for the hospital at my baby showers and they were some of my favorite gifts . So , Kelly HAD to have a few new pair herself. everyone needs to feel pretty after they have been through that mess!

Abby and Brady got the turtle and duck for " Wonder Pets " ! So sweet ! I'm not sure how to type out how the duck says " This is serious!" . Kerry ... HELP please :-)

All of the Miller/Spezzano family bought her highchair! Awesome gift!

I must say all of kids were very well behaved but I was soooooo impressed with Brady! I have three boys of my own that are MADE to mind at all costs but they would have bee miserable having to sit and watch quietly for that length of time! He was SO good! Here's to Brady making it through the " girlie party" with flying colors!

Now to that lie I mentioned earlier! About a month ago 8 of us went in together and bought the stroller/ car seat combo for the " shower" gift. I must confess before you all reading this that I have LIED like a rug for weeks covering our tracks! We kept having these bewildered conversations about who might have bought it and I would throw our different suggestions as to who may have made the purchase. Unfortunately we did not get a picture of the look on her face when we finally brought it out of the back room after all the other gifts were open , but it was great!

There is nobody in the world that deserves all of God's richest blessings as much my friend Kelly ( oh yeah , and Jim ! ) !! She has stood with me through good and bad ... two pregnancies in two years , there was A LOT of good and bad !
So , I publicly praise my Lord for such a wonderful friend , who I know will be a great mother . Come on Joshua we're all waiting for you !!!


Bekah said...

Holy schnikeys! That is the coolest cake I have ever seen! I'm glad Kelly's party went so well and wish I could have been there to hang out with everyone. And I have to admit some pride that all your sinful lying paid off with a great suprise for Kelly. :-)

Kelly Spezzano said...

Ok, so how is it that I am able to cry twice over the same party? As if I wasn't even there the first time, I read your sweet (and very humbeling words) and cried again!

First I will comment on the "lie" IT WAS WELL WORTH THE SUPRISE!!! And Bekah, I wish you could have been there too, while I am very thankful for your generosity, I would have taken your "presence" there over your "presents" there in a heartbeat! (ha ha) We all got the best laugh out of that adorable turtle hat! When I registered for it, I had no idea that it had feet and a tail that stuck out! :)

Now back to the shower... as I tried to get the words out at the shower, I am completely humbled by the friendship and generosity of each of you! The details that went into the shower (including the "lie", the cake, the preperation, etc.) as well as the love that was shown to me (Jim) and Joshua... words could never truely convey what I feel in my heart for each of you!

Thank you for making this such a special night for me and for the relief of the burden of having to buy some REALLY pricey things! LOL

I am thankful that the Lord has given me the blessing of knowing you (Mel) and all the Salem Chicks! Ya'll are a special bunch!

Lady Mums-alot said...

I wish I could've been there! So glad it was such a success!