Friday, October 3, 2008

Disney On Ice

Last night we went to the Forum to see Disney on Ice. I wasn't that excited about it and I'm pretty sure Brent would have rather eaten cow chips but once we got there it was FABULOUS!!!! We had awesome seats on the fourth row from the ice... the excitement was building the closer we got to 7:30. So , all that being said , about fifteen minutes till show time I sent Brent and Connor to the bathroom and to get ONE snack. You realize that it is all a HUGE scam! They get you in with reasonably priced tickets an then WHAM they get you at the concession stand. When they came back all of my instructions had been totally disregarded when Connor saw Cotton Candy that came with a " Flounder" ( from the little Mermaid) hat . Well, Brent decided that if he got Connor one he HAD to get Owen one , how unfair would that be?! So here they come with two bags of pure sugar ( otherwise know to parents as CRACK) and a bottle ( a very nice Disney on ice bottle ) of lemonade. I think to myself " Self , the $10 you sent with them did NOT get all that " , and I was right ... Highway robbery! My $10 got ONE of the bags of cotton candy and super cool flounder hat. OK , get over it moving on... Owen didn't like cotton candy , so he HAD to have some popcorn. Let me pause for a moment and say , it is a good thing for the kids that Mimi and Pop aka Brent's parents came with us because I nearly stroked out at the cotton candy. So , off Brent goes ( with a large wad of Pop's money YEAH!!! ) to get Owen a bucket of Popcorn ( Super cool Disney On Ice reusable bucket ) and his own bottle of lemonade. O k , we are set ... We have spent a small fortune on snacks , but we're set.


Look how cute he is... Maybe it was worth the $10 :-D

And Photographic proof that even the most unlikely people turn into complete ding bats when they have kids!!!

Grandparents catch the " Ding Bat" bug too :-)

Now , too the show ... IT WAS AWESOME!!! I really do think I had more fun than the kids. The Lion King was first on Mickey , Minnie , Donald , Daisy and Goofy's Magical Vacation....

Next up was the Little Mermaid, and let me just say I think I would have sold my right arm when I was kid to see this one. Ok , the truth is I'm 26 and I was SOOOOOOOO excited !!!

Sebastian was awesome!!

I loved the Ursala costume!

Noah can sleep through anything !! :-D

Next was Lilo and Stitch ... Not my favorite , but still cute!!

After Stitch we had an intermission . YEAH potty break :-) During which Connor weaseled his way into a snow cone in a Stitch cup .... more sugar !

Now one of my favorite parts ... The Mary Poppins Dancers came out and sang " It's A Jolly Holiday" and "Supercalafragalisticexpialidocious"

Sorry , it was really dark in there , this was the best I could do.

Last , but not least was Peter Pan....

Hey Bekah , it's Tinkerbell!!!

At the end they all came out together and danced... it was great!

All in all , we had a great night. Full of sugar and all other kinds of bad for you food , but they ALL had a great rime. Even Noah liked all the lights. And even though he wouldn't admit it at the point of a gun , Pop had fun being with kids while the were enjoying themselves so much.
If Disney on Ice is coming to a city near you and you have kids , GO! Or if you are like me and LOVE the Little Mermaid , no matter what age you are and how ridiculous it looks, GO!!!


Bekah said...

That looks like so much fun! I don't know that I could have been talked into wearing the Flounder hat though. It looks much cuter on Brent than on me. :-)

Kelly Spezzano said...

I am glad ya'll had fun despite the small fortune that was spent. I think Higway Robbery is an understatement when it comes to "Disney" concessions! :)

Are your children still bouncing off the walls from the sugar high?

misslissa78 said...

It really was fun and no, they have come down from their high:-)

Brent is a hottie no matter what he has on !

Lady Mums-alot said...

I'm so glad you took pictures! It must have been soooo fun! I'm so glad I got to catch up on your blog today! Love you!

Ms. B said...

I'm digging the hats and pictures. AWESOME!