Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mommy ... I didn't mean to !

Last Friday I had one of those moments , you know the one I'm talking about if you have children. Do you remember Bill Cosby telling his kid " I brought you into this world and I can take you back OUT !!" ? Yeah , that's the moment ...

Friday afternoon after the kids took their nap we left to go pick up and check from Brent on one of his job sites , deposit it at the bank and beat it to Mulberry to make the car payment before 5pm . ( Insert Mission Impossible Theme Music ) While we were driving down Hwy 60 I remember thinking to myself , " Self , how nice is it that the kids are being quite and you aren't , for some strange reason , having to answer a thousand questions from Connor ?!" . Yeah , I will never take that kind of silence for granted again .

When we arrived home , having made it to the bank to make the car payment IN TIME , I jumped out of the car in a fairly good mood to get the kids out and send them in with their Happy Meals that I bought because they were SO good . Got Noah out , smiling as always , Owen unbuckled , just wanting the food as always and then came Connor... It took me a minute to realize when he jumped out that something was really wrong . Yeah , the HOT PINK ring around his mouth should have tipped me off sooner but I was still taking my crashing fall from cloud 9 :-) When I finally did grasp the fact that he looked like Bozo the clown , I also noticed that it was EVERYWHERE , and I mean everywhere. In his hair , all over his face , shirt , shorts , legs , socks and shoes . Uh oh , this is not good !
" Connor , what is all this ?!?!!?"
Him- " Uhhhh , Mommy , I love you , I'm really sorry and I didn't mean to !"

ME- " Connor , WHAT IS ALL THIS ?!?!?!!"

Him- " Um , you know that stuff you put all over me at the beach ?"

Ok , now you and I both know that sunscreen is NOT hot pink !

Me- " Connor , go in the house and get somewhere I cannot see you for a very LONG time , and take a shower while you are at it !"

Me talking to myself - " Ok , dont panic , maybe its not so bad and you can't kill him , thats illegal ! Just get in the back seat and see how bad the damage is ..."

Wow , that's all I'm saying . What in the world would posses a 5 year old little boy to take 3 tubes of lipstick , 2 lipliners and a whole bottle of sunscreen and mix them together for a lovely shade of sparkling hot pink ?!?! Yeah , I don't know either , but he did ! The leather seats , the windows , the carpet , and backs of the seats in front of him , hot pink.

Long story short , I didn't kill him , in spite of my better judgement. I think he was so terrified of what might happen to him by the time Mom and I got it all cleaned up ( yes it did all come out ! THANK GOD) that minimal punishment was needed . Besides , what is the appropriate punishment for something like that ?! Seriously , I really am at a lose !

The good news is , Sunscreen and Pine Sol make your car smell really good for a long time ...


Bekah said...

Uh oh...I wouldn't want to be Connor. Mom's right though. Boys brains work completely different than girls! We, being the darling angels we were at 5 years old, NEVER would have done something like that. :-)

Katie said...

Don't you just wonder what was going on in his mind?

When things like this happened at our house, it helped me to remember one of my own little episodes as a four-year-old. I was supposed to be getting ready for bed, and I noticed a crayon that had not been put away. I also noticed that the lamp lightbulb was hot. "Hmm," I thought, "I wonder what would happen?..."

My mother was not happy. We had to throw the lightbulb and the crayon away.

My mess was a lot smaller than Connor's, but I bet the thought process was the same!

(And perhaps you are raising a scientist!)

Tanvir Rubel said...

this story is really awesome..& this story sometimes goes to my life..it reminds me my childchood..keep doing it

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