Monday, March 30, 2009

My Little Big Boy

Two weeks ago Noah turned 11 months old **sigh** . Not only is he going to be a year old on the 18th but on his 11 month b-day he decided TO HECK with crawling , thats what babies do ! He turned loose of the couch and never looked back and it's been a little more steady everyday since . So, since this obviously means that my child is totally brilliant ( don't you dare write in saying " my kid walked at 9 months " !! Your comment will be deleted . He IS brillant !) I thought that you would all enjoy seeing a little video . The quality isn't super great because I took it with the video mode on my camera .... MY husband didn't buy me a digital video camera for Christmas ( *coughthatmeansyouBRENTcough*) like someone else's husband did.
( *coughGregismakingyoulookbadBRENTcough*)


Bekah said...

He is walking so well for being 11 months! I am very impressed. Especially since I didn't walk until I was well past a year old...that makes Noah much smarter than me. :-)

misslissa78 said...

BRILLIANT I tell you !!!! He also says " get down" , " up" , and " da da" .

Lady Mums-alot said...

You're doing great, Noah! Love you, Joel, James & Jack!

Kelly Spezzano said...

my little man!!!!! He is definitely brilliant!!!!

Anonymous said...

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