Monday, November 10, 2008

Wii Would Like To Play

Last night Greg and Jessica came over after church and brought their Wii with them. Greg thought maybe Connor would like to try at it since he bought himself a Xbox 360 last week and isn't playing it as much himself these days. As you are about to see , it was NOT just Connor that tried his hand at it... One of the better times I have seen my whole family have in quite a while ! Thanks Greg for bringing it over , and thanks for leaving it for the week. Connor has done EVERYTHING I have asked him to without question in hopes of getting to play for a little while tonight :-)

Baseball , what a Shocker huh ?;-)

Even Mom played tennis for while...and YES the competitive streak made it's appearance!

Yes , even Brent played, and that is when the fun REALLY started. Everyone likes to watch two grown men jumping around acting rediculous... don't they?!

Cute huh !


Bekah said...

Hahaha...Connor even pulls his leg up to swing the "bat"! Were Brent and Greg boxing each other? I'm just gonna tell you, that can get a little dangerous with alcohol. Not that you would ever try it.

misslissa78 said...

LOL yes they were boxing each other and it was HILARIOUS!

Ms. B said...

I am praying Forrest doesn't see this post because if he does, he's going to want to put one on the registry for sure!